Galaxy Games

Meet your home-planet team

Thirteen-year-old Tyler Sato leads an team of international all-stars representing Earth in a galactic sports tournament.

The Galaxy Games series offers sporty sci-fi from author Greg R. Fishbone.

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A New Home for the Galaxy

The Nashoba Valley Voice talks with Galaxy Games author Greg R. Fishbone about moving the series from Tu Books to Spellbound River Press:… Read More

Galaxy Games in Gardner, MA

For only the second time ever, pre-release copies of The Amorphous Assassin were on sale at the Third Annual Central Massachusetts… Read More

Amorphous Assassin Pre-Release Sales

On Thursday, November 10th, Galaxy Games author Greg R. Fishbone appeared a bakery-based book signing with the first-ever for-sale copies… Read More

Galaxy Games
The Challengers

That crazy week when Tyler Sato turned eleven, fled from a doomsday asteroid, met an alien squid-girl, and won Earth its first-ever slot in the Galaxy Games Tournament.

Galaxy Games
The Amorphous Assassin

Tyler Sato has lied, cheated, and scammed his way into the Galaxy Games. Now, on the eve of the galaxy-spanning sports tournament, Tyler's past is catching up...with a vengeance!

Galaxy Games
The Mad Messenger

Coming in 2017 from Spellbound River Press