You have a lot of reading choices available to you. So what are you going to read next? It often helps to pull out a new book off the shelf and sample a couple chapters, but what do you do when a book’s not released yet, or if it’s not carried by your bookstore or library?

Well, if you have a finger to click on this button, you’re in luck!

If you don’t have a finger handy, try your nose. And if you don’t have a nose…maybe use an ear?

The Amorphous Assassin opens at a practice of Earth’s Galaxy Games team in an empty Beijing National Stadium at nighttime. Two years have passed since the end of The Challengers, and Tyler Sato will soon be leading his team of international all-stars out of their own solar system for the very first time. Tyler is full of self-doubt, the players are at each other’s throats, the coach is notoriously absent, and there is no time left to make the team any more ready than they are. Training season is over, and the tournament is about to begin.

Meanwhile, many light years away, a reluctant would-be assassin is receiving his orders from a secret organization. At stake is the fate of the galaxy, the future of the games, and the lives of many trillions of civilized beings. The target is Tyler Sato.

This book starts an epic new story arc in the Galaxy Games series by author Greg R. Fishbone.

Read the opening now and be ready for when The Amorphous Assassin goes on sale on November 18th! Or if it’s already past November 18th on the planet where you live, run out now for the rest of the book!

Fun Fact:
At one time, my working title for this book was Tyler vs. Ffargax